We have a big Building

The purpose of our building is to provide a place for the spiritual growth and nurture of all people. It is where the congregation lives out their ministries and missions. It is where we have fun and touch God.

We have it as a legacy and responsibility. We want it filled, used to build up Montpelier.

We rent space as a way to fund it's care. But we also have a commitment to having it open for anyone. People come and sit and pray and walk the labirynth and use the toilet and ask for help and read books and attend 12 step meetings and practice the piano and meditate and find shelter from the storm. This commitment means we have installed a timed automatic door opener and have hired an evening lock-up person.

On the last Sunday of the month the Synagogue, Beth El,  uses our kitchen and fellowship hall to provide a community meal open to anyone. The churches do this during the week and they said, "We know you folks are busy on Sundays." On Thanks giving Day, the Youth Service Bureau uses this space to provide a community Thanksgiving meal to hundreds.

Interactive Chapel Is a beautiful space with a 13 path Labyrinth for walking, mandalas for meditating and for making, a prayer station especially for healing, and Zen Sand Gardens for exploring the spirit in creativity. Free and open to any and all.

And of course our own classes, groups, meetings, dinners, variety shows, worship, spiritual exploration groups, counseling, and work space.