Communication and Operation

Good News is communicated and supported at Bethany.

We are called as witnesses to the God we know and the way that Jesus shows. Thus communication is a foundation of your living faith. If we are not communicating our faith, we are not being faithful. 

Operations are just as foundational. Every bit of our mission work and ministry happens on this foundation. The meetings, mailings, the committees, computers, mops, phones, electricity, accounting, policies and procedures, paper, soap, etc. are all tools we need and use to be the faith community we want to be. They are essential for the essential work we do. 

The Bethany Dialogue is our newsletter. A link usually appears on the website. You can also sign up to have it emailed to you directly.

KIOSK! This is a weekly email with info about Sunday and the week ahead. It too can be linked from this website but it really is best if you sign up to get it direct.

Mark LeGrand is our Office coordinator and might be the first person you communicate with. He is also key to room rentals and the operation of Bethany. Phone is 223-2424 and email at Bethany Church

 We are an Open and Affirming Church,
 people who are GLBT are invited to be a part of our full life and leadership.