Our Pastor

 Amy was called to ministry here at Bethany in the summer of 2002.

Amy seems happiest when she is doing a lot, from reading (trashy romance, Jane Austin, NYT best sellers, and String Theory), decorating, talking, renovating, moving furniture, talking, sewing, knitting, beading, talking, and complaining about the laundry. When it comes to TV; Red Sox, and Big Bang Theory, are favorites.

You do not need to be a member of Bethany Church or any church to talk to Amy. She listens well and gives comfort and counsel as needed. To talk to her, call the church office 223-2424. Generally, Amy is in Tuesday through Friday.

 Email works too, although Saturday and Sunday can be iffy for a fast response.

She is on Facebook.

 We are an Open and Affirming Church,
 people who are GLBT are invited to be a part of our full life and leadership.