Pastoral Care and Worship

Pastoral Care and Worship

We like each other. We try and show that care in our prayers and visits. The minister like visiting with those in a Hospital or Nursing Home and anyone who would like a visit. 

Our worship is a come as you are event with prayers, scripture, music, sermons, laughter, and care. 

If you would like to join us for worship on Sundays, a prelude starts about 5 minutes before 10:00. Usually worship is done in 60-70 minutes. The first Sunday of the month is communion and  is always a bit unique and might take a bit more time. We understand that everyone is called to this table.  

There are also special times of worship: Christmas, Easter, Evensong, weddings, and funerals happen at other times than Sunday morning. Sometimes Sunday morning worship is made special.

If you would like a visit with a minister, call the office at 223-2424. If you want to worship, just come on by Sunday morning. Children worship with us for a bit and then they can go to Sunday School.

 We are an Open and Affirming Church,
 people who are GLBT are invited to be a part of our full life and leadership.